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The United Tech Project Foundation is now recruiting for its remote core training programs that possess the benefits of fitting technical education into your busy schedules. It is customized to complement your natural skills and strengths using our unique proprietary technology.

Our Core training programs are designed explicitly as learning/practical assessments that provide our techs with hands-on knowledge to build a well-rounded technical resume. As part of our Core Training Program, you will receive industry-standard IT certifications and have the opportunity to practice what you have learned by completing  IT projects for your community organizations. At the of end your journey, UTP presents you with the honor of a digital badge so you can share your achievements.


We use a 21st-century learning Classroom model known as a blended learning environment that encompasses both online and traditional class structures. With this model, we can personalize the educational engagements we provide to deliver a valuable one-on-one mentoring experience to our underserved learning community.

Blended learning experience

 We know the underserved youth face many challenges to get an equal education, and our core training is made just for you. As you progress in our core training, we see the contribution and sacrifice you are making for better education. The more you invest in your education, the more we support you. We pay for all your education expenses in addition to providing you with the tools (i.e., Chromebooks) you need to power your remote learning experience.

An organization that is invested in your education 

Each of our digital badges offers a different industry IT certification that validates your post-secondary education and on the job experience. Those certifications include CompTIA IT Fundamentals +, CompTIA  Project+, Cisco, and Google G Suite. Best of all, we administer most of the certification tests in our in-house Testing Center! 

Industry-standard certifications

Empower us so we can empower underserved youth through the power of tech. Please donate to our scholarship fund today. Thank you!

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