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At United Tech Project Foundation (UTP), we believe tech is a superpower.

That is why we’re building ProjectHub AI. This machine learning platform houses UTP’s IT project management training and other educator programs to provide a broad selection of IT training for underserved youth. Our program is and will always be: ​

  • No/low cost

  • Accessible

  • Empowering


Our system is specifically designed to address the Five Pillars of the 21st Century Learning Model: 

  • Allows educators to connect their training programs to it to provide connected teaching,  personalized learning and on-the-job experience.

  • Leverages SMART technology to optimize learning (through adjusting levels of difficulty and assistance)

  • Is self-improving to become increasingly effective through user interaction

  • Is able to predict which certification is best for each student

  • Guides students to the most appropriate IT career path, based on data-capture reflecting their aptitude and individualized profile

All of these features combine to accelerate learning while building the student’s  IT project portfolio.


ProjectHub AI platform is designed to serve three key stakeholders: students, educators, and SMB/non-profit organizations.


Students that use ProjectHub Al benefit from no/low cost, accessible, personalized learning leading to technical certification in a field matching their aptitude. They also walk away with an IT project portfolio demonstrating their real-world experience.


Educators can plug-in to ProjectHub AI, delivering certifications for various career paths within IT.  They attract students to the platform and receive data insights from UTP (on how students are performing on IT projects) that help them better serve their students.  UTP also enhances educator programs by creating IT project internships for students that provide valuable experiential learning.

Small business / non-profit organizations

SMB/Non-Profit Organizations seeking technical expertise can access the UTP system, with the requirement that they work with UTP and Educators on IT projects, which could include placing students in an internship or full-time job.  UTP creates projects to address the technical needs of the organization, identifying qualified students for internships or employment based on data insights.

With the UTP system as the draw, students, educators, and SMB/non-profit organizations all come together into one mutually supportive tech community called ProjectHub AI, administered by United Tech Project Foundation.

Empower us so we can empower underserved youth through the power of tech. Please donate to our scholarship fund today. Thank you!

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